Passenger cabins that “hover” up to several hundred metres above ground place huge demands on safety. When it comes to control technology, therefore, cable car manufacturers rely on failsafe PSS control technology or on the automation system PSS 4000 from Pilz.

Cable cars are now an indispensable form of transportation in winter sports areas and municipal transport systems. Whether travelling by funicular, aerial cableway or T-bar lift, passengers must always be transported safely.

The safety functions surrounding a cabin cable car are many and varied. Whether you need to

Monitor the position or the holding force of the clamping device to the cable
Monitor the cable strands at the support pillars or
Monitor safety functions such as door interlocks or E-STOPs on the cabin
Pilz safety control systems guarantee the highest level of safety.

Your benefits at a glance
PSS control systems process the signals quickly and safely
Failsafe control and monitoring of all safety-related functions in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 61508
The failsafe control system PSSuniversal PLC also performs standard control tasks


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