The non-contact safety gate sensors PSENslock provide secure safety gate monitoring and a non-contact magnetic interlock (500 or 1000 N) in just one unit. With this combination of safe position monitoring and process guarding, PSENslock units are designed for universal use – up to the highest category – and are also suitable for series connection.

The secure safety gate sensor PSENmlock has a holding force of 7500 N and offers safe interlocking and safe guard locking in just one product. This is possible because the guard locking has dual-channel operation. As a result the switch is particularly suitable for machines with a hazardous overrun, on which safe guard locking up to PL d or PL e is required.

The pushbutton unit PITgatebox is ideal for combining with the two safety gate sensors PSENslock and PSENmlock . As a result you have additional control and pushbutton elements: from E-STOP pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons through to key switches and key-operated pushbuttons. The PITgatebox is available in a number of different versions and, with its robust, die cast zinc housing, is particularly resistant to shock, vibration and collision. Its slimline housing enables a space-saving installation on standard aluminium profile systems.


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